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The Inclusive Research Collective is made up of staff & students associated with the University of Bristol and University of Edinburgh, UK.

We want to change science research for the better, by promoting inclusive and diverse academic environments  and by challenging biased and exclusionary methods in the research process. 

You can find out about our current projects here

Past & Present IRC Committee Members

Alessia Dalceggio

Amber Roguski

Caroline McKinnon

Elle Chilton-Knight

Lara Lalemi

Laura Mediavilla Santos

Luke Burguete

Our funders include

Logo for the Wellcome Trust. A large black 'W' with the word 'Wellcome' below, on a white background
Logo for Bristol Clear. Multiple intersecting rectangles in bright colours, with 'Bristol Clear' written in a central white rectangle
Logo for the Biochemical Society. A circle with leaf-shaped cut-outs, in blue red and navy. Text reads 'Biochemical Society'
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