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The Zine Project:
Celebrating the Lives, Experiences and Creativity at the University of Bristol

The IRC is creating a zine in collaboration with the Global Ethnic Majority STEM Network and Creative Tuition!

The zine aims to celebrate the diverse lives, experiences, and creativity of individuals within the University of Bristol community. It will be available online and in print, with the first issue published September 2023.

We are looking for paid contributors!

If you are a member of staff or a student at the University of Bristol, then we want to hear from you. We want the zine to be multidisciplinary and full of art, poetry, articles and video content. 

We are looking for content on the following themes:

Science Journeys

  • What inspired you to be in your field of study/work? What has been your journey into your field?

  • What have you overcome barriers to get into the field you are in? And how?

  • What does science mean to you?


Decolonising in STEM/Arts and Humanities

  • What does inclusivity in STEM/Arts/Humanities look like to you?

  • What does decolonising STEM/Arts/Humanities look to you? What hopes do you hold for decolonisation?

  • What are the benefits of the science and arts/humanities working together, provide examples of where you have seen science and the arts collaborating i.e. Bristol lights festival?


Future of STEM

  • How do you envision science and the arts/humanities changing in future? Think in a 100 years’ time.

  • Are you doing cutting edge science or social science research? Tell us about it/Show us.

We will pay the following rates for submissions:

Articles (800 words) - £60 per article  

Art/Poetry - £60 per piece  

Video submissions - £70 per video


We invite you to take a look and submit a 150–200-word proposal, including the question you would like to answer, how you plan to answer it (an article, art piece, or video), and why you feel passionate about addressing this particular topic. Please note that individuals may submit up to two ideas and formats.

The deadline for proposals is 11:59 PM on the 8th of March 2023.  

Please email all proposals to

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