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The Learning Forum is a discussion group that aims to engage in a constructive dialogue about issues of equality and inclusion, including but not limited to race, sex and gender, ability, and religion


We recognise that the responsibility for dismantling systems of oppression lies with those who benefit from them; and to acknowledge and pull apart such systems, we need to understand how they work and how we interact with them. Therefore, we aimed to create a space where we can support each other in the journey of self-education, acknowledging the need to centre the experience of people who have been marginalised and the need for non-marginalised people to take responsibility for driving these conversations

If you are interested in The Learning Forum and would like to find out more, please send us a message at

Session Topics

Have a look at past and upcoming sessions of The Learning Forum below. Click on a session to see the recommended resources.


Luke and Laura discuss why they started the learning forum and go over the topics and speakers from the first year

Luke and Lara Lalemi from the IRC go on ShoutOut Radio to discuss the importance of having the types of discussion held by the learning forum in academic spaces, particularly in relation to LGBTQIA+ issues


"These sessions have encouraged me to go beyond just acknowledging racism but actually start to educate myself to understand it better. It has also opened my eyes as to how deeply it is entangled with other aspects of society and identity, and made me realise how racism manifests itself in different forms - from active confrontation to lack of care"

"They have given me the opportunity to take time to reflect of these issues and learn new things through the material provided and interaction with other participants”

“It made me reflect on areas I hadn't engaged much with before or that I didn't know well”

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