Upcoming events


 - Monday 4th - 

Henrietta Lacks Virtual Colloquium

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 - Monday 18th - 

Can Scientific Enquiry Be Value-Free?

(Becoming an Inclusive Researcher workshop)


 - Monday 8th - 

Reflexivity for Scientists

(Becoming an Inclusive Researcher workshop)

 - Wednesday 24th - 

Race and the Gender Binary II

(The Learning Forum)

 - Monday 29th - 

Research Integrity, Science Communication & Society

(Becoming an Inclusive Researcher workshop)

 - Monday 13th - 

Bias in research-

Recognise it, avoid it!

(Becoming an Inclusive Researcher)

 - Wednesday 22nd - 

Cultural Appropriation

(The Learning Forum)



past events

Click on the title of the talk to access the recording. Selected events can only be accessed by University of Bristol staff & students via the Faculty of Life Sciences sharepoint.

 - Being LGBTQIA+ in STEM (access is available only for University of Bristol staff & students)

 - Womxn in STEM

 - Decolonising the Curriculum

 - Black in Cancer

 - Being Neurodiverse in STEM (access is available only for University of Bristol staff & students)

Inclusive Research Practices Seminar Series 


The Inclusive Research Practices Seminar Series ran in June 2021. For more information, click here. To view the talks, click on the links below:

 - Inclusive Research Practices: Basic Research

 - Inclusive Research Practices: Inclusive & Ethical Data Science

 - Inclusive Research Practices: Human Participant Research

 - Inclusive Research Practices: Environmental Impact of Research

'Becoming an Inclusive Researcher' Workshop Series 


- Can Science Be Objective? 

- Reflexivity for Scientists

 - Research Integrity, Science Communication & Society 


 - Wednesday 26th - 

James Baldwin

(The Learning Forum)


 - Wednesday 23rd - 

LGBT+ History

(The Learning Forum)

 - Wednesday 30th - 

Womxn in Academia

(The Learning Forum)



Past events

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